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The Body Shop's Ethiopian Honey & Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask Review

#TheBodyShop launched their new superfood #facemask's a couple of months ago that aim to tackle all skin concerns. They launched 5 different #masks, which are :

  • Chinese Ginseng & Rice - Clarifying Polishing Mask

  • Himalayan Charcoal - Purifying Glow Mask

  • Ethiopian Honey - Deep Nourishing Mask

  • British Rose - Fresh Plumping Mask

  • Amazonian Acai - Energizing Radiance Mask


This #mask was my first purchase from the lot and I was super excited to use it. I had just ran out of my #exfoliator which i use routinely as part of my #skincare regime.

#TheBodyShop's Chinese Ginseng and Rice Mask claims to clarify and polish your #skin which is exactly what an #exfoliator does. So i thought why not give it a try perhaps this will work better as it has added benefits.

It's kinda like the super mask of the collection as it has #moisturizing and #exfoliating benefits.

Benefits :

Disadvantages :

  • I wouldn't recommend this mask if you have super #sensitive skin, as the #exfoliation process can flare up your skin.

How to use it :

  • Apply to your face and neck, leave for 5-10 minutes than rinse off with warm water using a facecloth or facial sponge in circular motions to exfoliate.

All in all I absolutely #love this mask and it's multitasking benefits, i've definitely replaced my usual #exfoliator with this #superfood mask. I would recommended you use it every 2-3weeks dependent on your #skin needs.


I mean doesn't it sound so yummy already LOL? It definitely looks and smells delicious as if it's a jar of actual #honey. We all know that #exfoliation can lead to #dryness, that is why I purchased this super amazing #mask, which claims to give you a deep #nourishing treatment.

Benefits :

Disadvantages :

  • You'll want to eat it lol

How to use it :

You would assume that this #mask would be quiet sticky almost like honey, however its far from it. It has a smooth texture thats super easy to apply. Apply on your face and neck and leave on for 5-10 minutes, I usually keep it on a little longer but it's entirely up to you. P.S the time is merely a #guideline. Remove with a warm face cloth, don't try to take a short cut by hoping into the shower because trust me it does not come off easily.

Final review I absolutely love both of these masks! Definitely have been added to my #skincare regime! Cannot wait to try the rest..Let me know if you've tried any of the others and which are your favorites.

These masks are available from for R300.00 Until next time......

Lots of love



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