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The Body Shop's Ethiopian Honey & Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask Review

#TheBodyShop launched their new superfood #facemask's a couple of months ago that aim to tackle all skin concerns. They launched 5 different #masks, which are :

  • Chinese Ginseng & Rice - Clarifying Polishing Mask

  • Himalayan Charcoal - Purifying Glow Mask

  • Ethiopian Honey - Deep Nourishing Mask

  • British Rose - Fresh Plumping Mask

  • Amazonian Acai - Energizing Radiance Mask


This #mask was my first purchase from the lot and I was super excited to use it. I had just ran out of my #exfoliator which i use routinely as part of my #skincare regime.

#TheBodyShop's Chinese Ginseng and Rice Mask claims to clarify and polish your #skin which is exactly what an #exfoliator does. So i thought why not give it a try perhaps this will work better as it has added benefits.

It's kinda like the super mask of the collection as it has #moisturizing and #exfoliating benefits.

Benefits :

Disadvantages :

  • I wouldn't recommend this mask if you have super #sensitive skin, as the #exfoliation process can flare up your skin.

How to use it :

  • Apply to your face and neck, leave for 5-10 minutes th