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La Roche-Posay's Thermal Spring water + Serozinc benefits

Thermal water is the next best thing when it comes to an instant pick me upper but you maybe wondering what's the big fuss about, isn't it just water in a can?

Well yes and no, although it is thermal water in a can, what makes it great for your skin is that it contains a high concentration of Selenium which provides powerful antioxidant protection, that soothes, tones and refreshes the skin.

I love the multitasking benefits this thermal spray has, it can be used on:

- Bare skin after cleansing as a calming toner to help balance your pH levels.

- As a refreshing face mist throughout the day.

- As a finishing spray to help set makeup and give you a fresh dewy glow.

The Serozonic spray is similar to the Thermal Spring-water spray but contains ingredients such as Zinc-Sulfate, perfect for those whom struggle with breakouts and problematic skin.

Zinc has long been known for its positive anti-irritant effects.

Ideally Serozinc should be used before your makeup application to calm your skin, allowing it to be the perfect canvas for makeup.

Verdict : The mist on both the Serozonic and Thermal Spring-water spray is fine but affective, it's cooling , soothing and gives you a little pick me up either in summer, when you hot and bothered or in winter when your skin feels dry and is in need of some much needed moisture.

Both sprays are definitely amazing overall and I love how La Roche-Posay has created different size options of the sprays so you're able to travel with them where-ever you go.

Lot's of Love




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