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All you need to know about BOXYCHARM

Hey my loves, so I recently joined the BOXYCHARM fam and these are the products I received from a 3 month subscription.

What is BoxyCharm and how does it work?

BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription box with 4-5 full sized curated beauty products that get delivered to your door each month, ranging from makeup, skincare and beauty tools, each box has a minimum value of $100 - approx. R1400.00

They have multiple subscription options ranging from a month to month boxes, to 6 month subscriptions. The price varies depending on which subscription you're interested in. To give you an example -

A month to month subscription will cost you $21.00 (R293.00) per month.

Do they ship to South Africa?

At this point in time BoxyCharm does not ship to South Africa, so I had to use Aramex Global Shopper, which is basically a courier and freight company that brings in goods from overseas.

Now you're probably wondering how much does it cost to ship a Box to SA. With Aramex I pay around R199.00 per month for shipping.

Are the boxes worth it?

I subscribed for a 3 month subscription with BoxyCharm which costed me $59.00 + tax (R821.74)

- I would definitely say the Boxes are worth it considering the price point.

- In-regards to products I'm not going to lie some are a definite miss for me personally because they are items I don't particularly use but with that being said the whole point of these boxes is to discover new makeup and skincare. I for example was not familiar with certain brands and now that I had the opportunity to try them out I'm in-love. With that being said the price point and the range of products in each box definitely makes it worth it.