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Tria Beauty - Acne Clearing Blue Light. Does it really work?

My skin has a mood of its own. I'll experience weeks of clear skin and out of the blue it'll change and be the complete opposite. My skin has never been fully clear of some sort of scar, blemish or congestion. That's why I decided to invest in this product and in all honesty I haven't looked back since.

This blue light treatment is a non-UV light therapy, which is gentle on skin and does not cause persistent dryness, irritation or long-term side effects. This device delivers powerful blue light to treat mild to moderate acne by penetrating deep into your skins pores to kill acne-causing bacteria.

It's super gentle and effective. If you're someone that has sensitive skin and can't deal with ointments and chemical treatments to help clear your skin longterm then you should definitely look into this product.

It's easy and efficient, without the fuss and mess that comes with harsh chemicals. It helps in overall skin tone improvement treating blemishes and texture overtime, plus it only takes 5 minutes!

The Tria Beauty acne clearing blue light comes with these nifty little 'Cartridges' that you insert into the device

which provides a consistent dose of non-UV, therapeutic blue light with around 360 minutes of treatment time before you have to replace the cartridge. To use, simply

glide the device in circular motions over the area you want to treat for just 5 minutes daily.

Alternatively you can treat your entire face or just concentrate on breakout-prone zones. The device gives you around 30 second per zone after which it'll beep letting you know to move onto a new area.

I will say it is quite pricey, however Light Technology is also used by dermatologists in-office treatments to treat acne. Making it worth every penny if you think of how much time and money you'd be saving on multiple visits to the Dermatologists office as this device allows you to do it at home daily by dividing up the treatment times.

It's honestly a hassle free treatment that's so quick and effective, its a no brainer especially if you're someone that has sensitive skin and suffers from acne.

You can find a newer updated version of this device which comes with a timeless cartridge

if i'm not mistaken. So all you have to do is charge it and you're good to go.

You can purchase this device on Cult Beauty's website.

P.S they have free worldwide shipping on this product currently.

Retails for around R3600.00

Until next time..

Lot's of Love




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