My Skincare Regime.

Hey beautiful, so since i've been receiving a lot of messages about what my personal #skincare regime is like. I'd thought I would make a post about it. My #skincare regime has always involved products from #TheBodyShop. We all went through that rough phase of those pesky little #pimples and raging #hormones and it truly was a life saver when i discovered their #TeaTree range when i was a teenager. Ever since i've been a huge fan of all of their products. My skin regime invol

The Body Shop's Ethiopian Honey & Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask Review

#TheBodyShop launched their new superfood #facemask's a couple of months ago that aim to tackle all skin concerns. They launched 5 different #masks, which are : Chinese Ginseng & Rice - Clarifying Polishing Mask Himalayan Charcoal - Purifying Glow Mask Ethiopian Honey - Deep Nourishing Mask British Rose - Fresh Plumping Mask Amazonian Acai - Energizing Radiance Mask CHINESE GINSENG & RICE CLARIFYING POLISHING MASK This #mask was my first purchase from the lot and I was super

All about Primers..

What does it do and why do I need one? Im sure you've found yourself standing at a beauty counter wondering what a primer is and what it's actually going to do for you. Well ladies heres a little brief explanation : It seals those dreadful #pores we all hate and the best part is it doesn't clog your pores either. A foundation #primer acts like a blanket allowing for a smoother application for your #foundation. Whilst on the topic of a smoother application, thats another benef