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My Skincare Regime.

Hey beautiful, so since i've been receiving a lot of messages about what my personal #skincare regime is like. I'd thought I would make a post about it.

My #skincare regime has always involved products from #TheBodyShop. We all went through that rough phase of those pesky little #pimples and raging #hormones and it truly was a life saver when i discovered their #TeaTree range when i was a teenager. Ever since i've been a huge fan of all of their products.

My skin regime involves :

1. #FaceWash : Tea Tree skin clearing facial wash

2. #Toner : Tea Tree skin clearing toner

3. #Moisturizer : Vitamin E 48Hr moisture cream

4. #Serum : Vitamin E moisture protect emulsion serum SPF 30.

Night ritual :

1. #Makeup Remover : Garnier Micellar Pure Active

2. #Face Wash : Tea tree face wash

3. #Toner : Pure Rose water toner

4. #Night Serum : Vitamin E overnight serum-in-oil

Every week i do a #mask treatment alternating between The Bodyshop Chinese Ginseng & Rice clarifying polish which works as a great exfoliator as well and the Ethiopian Honey deep nourishing mask for that much needed moisture surge.

Lots of love




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