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Wedding Makeup Tips

When it comes to makeup #tips theres enough out there to make your head spin, whether you're the #bride or the #bridesmaid, consider this my guiding light. 3 simple but effective "rules" to follow :

  • Look out for the words long-wear and waterproof.

Crying, hugging and kissing are all going to put a damper on your makeup for the day. Make sure you use products that are long lasting, water resistant or #waterproof especially if you're having a #summer #wedding. Sweating your makeup is a huge no-no!

  • Touch up bags.

These are essential, there are a few makeup products that every girl should carry to prevent any meltdowns. Heres a few of my essentials

  1. #LipLiner to keep your lipstick lasting longer.

  2. #Lipstick ofcourse.

  3. Sheer pressed #powder to keep that shine at bay.

  4. #Blusher to keep you looking fresh and rosy all day.

  5. Cotton ear buds, incase your #eyeliner smudges when you don't want it to.

  • Makeup Trials.

Booking a makeup #trial before the big day is a huge must in my book. It just takes the ease off, you're stressed out as it is about your big day its nice to know that you've chosen and discussed your makeup look well in advance. One less thing to worry about because lets face it you don't really have the time to change your entire makeup look once its on.

Lots of Love




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