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DIY Rose Water Toner

Hey Beautiful, so I'm always on the look out for #DIY, #homemade natural #beauty products and one of my absolute favorites has to be Rose water.

I've been using #RoseWater for a couple of years now as a #toner and I cannot rave about it enough!I mean who wouldn't wanna smell like a fresh rose field every now and again? (I like to switch up between the Rose water and The Body Shops Tea Tree toner dependent on how my skin feels)

After a little research turns out there are many great benefits of using Rose water.

To name a few :

1. It Hydrates, nourishes and revitalizes your skin

2. Contains antioxidant properties

3. Helps treat mild inflammation and acne

4. Helps to tone the skin and combat oiliness

5. Has antibacterial properties

7. Helps balance your skins natural pH balance

I mean wow thats a lot of great factors crammed up into one 'ALL' natural beauty product!!

I've noticed there aren't many beauty brands that stock #Rose water in #SouthAfrica, so I decided to make my own after my stash of #RoseWater which I purchased from a little Indian store no longer stocked my favorite brand.

So here it is, super easy and fun!

Step 1 : Select your roses, preferable organic as these don't contain pesticides.

Step 2 : Remove all the petals from your roses and rinse under lukewarm water.