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Wedding Makeup Tips

When it comes to makeup #tips theres enough out there to make your head spin, whether you're the #bride or the #bridesmaid, consider this my guiding light. 3 simple but effective "rules" to follow : Look out for the words long-wear and waterproof. Crying, hugging and kissing are all going to put a damper on your makeup for the day. Make sure you use products that are long lasting, water resistant or #waterproof especially if you're having a #summer #wedding. Sweating your mak

Benefit Cosmetics, They're Real Push Up Liner

After the recent launch of #BenefitCosmetics in SA i was utterly excited to get my hands on a few of their products. To say I was intrigued when I saw the promotions for Benefit’s eyeliner, would be a massive understatement. Having heard of the " They're Real Push-up liner " for months. I couldn't wait to get home to test it out. As per my amazement, it was highly disappointing. CONS : The gel liners formula is way too dry! This by far is one of my biggest complaints as it le

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