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Swiitch Beauty Sphere Brushes

#Brushes are definitely the one thing worth splurging on. I've dusted and #blended with just about every brush out there. So needless to say when these new "hairbrush" looking brushes hit the market I had to get my hands on them. These new makeup brushes on the block known by many names such as #Artis/#Oval/#Sphere are the latest #beautytrend.

This 10 piece #sphere brush set by #SwiitchBeauty is made from their #crueltyfree exclusive fibre, covering everything from #concealer and #foundation to #blush, #bronzer, #eyeshadow and #lipstick. These #brushes kind of look like a mini hair brush and have a much different shape and style than a typical #makeup brush and although they may look confusing and difficult, they're actually pretty easy to use.

The set comes with 5 Face/Oval brushes in different sizes, 3 Linear #brushes perfect for #contouring and 2 round brushes which can be used to blend #eyeshadow and #lipstick.

High-tec, soft fibres and a sleek modern design that delivers streak free, blended results. They are super soft and have densely packed bristles that allow for an #airbrushed finish when using #powders,#liquids and #creams. How ever when applying #foundation with the face/oval #brushes it does tend to look a lot heavier opposed to using a flat #foundation brush or #beautyblender.

I personally don't find the need to have 5 face brushes, especially since 2 of them are too big for my #face, although I guess they could be used for applying bronzers or foundation for your body.

The 3 linear brushes are great for achieving a perfect chiseled look when contouring your cheek bones and they're great for #contouring around your nose too. Once again I don't feel the need to have as many as 3, 1 could have done the trick just as well.

Personally speaking the rounded #brushes aren't the best for me, as my lips are quiet small for me to apply lipstick with them, however they are quiet useful when it comes to blending out #eyeshadow around the crease line.

In my opinion the face #brushes are definitely worth it however i could do without the rest. If you're looking at purchasing these brushes check out and if you don't want to jump right into purchasing the entire set perhaps try out their #LuxeSphere brush first.

Lots of love




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