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Smashbox step by step contour stick trio

#Contouring, is easily one of the trickiest #beauty #techniques to master. With #Smashbox's Step-by-step contour stick trio, contouring has never been easier. These #contour sticks come in a pencil/crayon form with the idea, that you simply draw on and blend, blend, blend!!! The pencil form makes applying your contour lines much easier and faster opposed to using a #brush and #powder.

This trio comes with a #highlight, #bronze and #contour..the sticks are the perfect creamy formula making it a dream to blend out and achieve that perfect contour.

#Highlight - yellow toned pencil,I usually apply this in a triangle shape just below my eyes.What makes this formula great is it's not so dense and #cakey so it prevents crease lines from forming under the eyes and subtly #highlights without over doing it. The other areas would be down the bridge of my nose and around the contour areas I want to clean up and make "sharper". You could also use the highlight stick just under the brows for a subtle highlight as well as to give them a cleaner finish.

#Bronzer - Like any other bronzer you would apply this where you want to bring some #warmth into your face.Its the perfect shade, not too orange not too red, it's a well balanced medium warm brown tone. This shade could actually be used as a #contour as well on certain skin tones. I sometimes prefer to use this shade as a contour for my nose opposed to using the contour shade on days