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Skin Republic's Oxygen Cleanse Face Masks

I must say i've been wanting to try out this #mask since I saw its debut on #instagram. As you've all probably noticed " masks " are the "in thing" to do in 2017 , an essential part of your #beauty routine. Almost every single major beauty brand is launching its own line of masks every few months.

I finally got my hands on #SkinRepublics Bubble Purifying + #Charcoal Face Sheet Mask from #Clicks a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to try it out.

This mask claims to : Clean your #pores by eliminating impurities and #exfoliate dead skin cells for a bright, fresh and luminous complexion.

How it works : An #oxygen rich foaming facial mask which reacts with the air to create a deep #cleansing and #exfoliating foam. Before removing the #mask from the packaging, you must rub the sachet for a few seconds to activate the bubbles, after which you can apply the sheet mask to you cleansed skin for around 10-15 min. After just a few seconds of having the sheet on your face you'll notice a slight tingling sensation of the bubbles forming.I would definitely suggest lying down whilst you have the mask on as I noticed my mask began to slide off my face after a few minutes, perhaps because the sheet mask was a tad bit too big for my face lol.The experience of this #mask is unlike any other mask I've used till date, you can actually feel and see it working. You'll experience a slight tingle/tickle as the #bubbles grow as well watch the mask double up in size from the foam bubbles. After the 15 minutes is up, the sachet instructs you to massage the remaining bubbles left on your face into your skin once you've removed the mask and then rinse it all off.

The Verdict : Would definitely suggest trying this mask out, if you haven't already. I loved the entire experience. It really was quite fun and enjoyable and the results were #impressive. My skin was definitely glowing and my #pores did look much smaller! The only downside for me was that the mask was a tad bit too big for me thus it kept sliding down my #face and some areas of my mask had to be folded such as my nose and the outer edges of the #mask so it wouldn't be all over my hair. Other than that a huge thumbs up!

Lots of love




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