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Quick Grow Family Combo Review

Hello my loves..

My #QuickGrow review is finally here. As most of you know after cutting my hair short, I've been searching for products that would help my hair grow faster, so when Jade from Quick Grow South Africa sent me their Advanced Amino Family Combo, I was beyond excited.

- What is Quick Grow?

"#QuickGrow is an advanced Amino Complex Range that contains a Signature Amino, Vitamin and Mineral formula that is proven to increases your #hair growth speed. This advanced amino formulation has #moisturizing properties to achieve maximum results whilst improving your hair’s overall condition and shine."

The #QuickGrow Advanced Amino Family combo contains:

  • 250ml Advanced Amino Shampoo

- How to use : Quick Grow recommends thoroughly massaging the shampoo into your hair daily for best results. Shampooing only your roots and gliding the product from your roots to your ends during rinsing to ensure a thorough cleanse.

  • 250ml Advanced Amino Conditioner

- How to use : To condition, ensure the hair is wet, applying the conditioner from the ends first and work your way up to your roots.  It is important to condition your roots.

  • 60 Advanced Amino Capsules

- How to use : For supplementation it is best to take the capsules in the morning before or directly after breakfast at a regular time daily.

  • 450g Advanced Amino Shake

- How to use : The nutritional shake can be used as a meal replacement but I wouldn't really suggest it, as it didn't keep me full enough.

After using the products for approx 2 and a ½ months, my results are finally here.

Here's a before picture of my hair, before my Quick Grow journey:

after 2 and a ½ months...