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Pil'aten BlackHead Removing Mask Review

Hey ladies, I'm sure these #blackhead removing masks are popping up all over your #Instagram feeds. Well long story short, my husband actually got me to purchase this product. As many of you ladies know, men aren't into the whole "facial cleansing, #toning, #moisturizing thing". So when he told me he saw a video on #Instagram of these masks that claim to remove #blackheads we decided to give it a shot..

This #mask basically works in the same way as a #PoreStrip would. I would say it definitely does work, but i would recommend you to only apply it in areas where you tend to get black heads such as the #Tzone (forehead, nose and chin).

The packaging is labeled in #Chinese so at first it's like a shot in the dark as to how you're meant to apply it but with a few failed attempts we finally got it right.

The consistency of the mask has to be #even and just a little thick but not tooo thick otherwise you'll be sitting forever to wait for it to dry, too thin and it just won't #peel off right.

The best time to use this mask in my opinion is straight outta the shower, as the #steam helps your #pores to open up thus the mask gets right into those pesky little areas. Once fully dried peel off the mask in an #upwards motion, if you're struggling to remove the mask try using a damp cloth don't ever try to tug at your skin.For those of you with a lot of fine #hair this is a fair warning that it does hurt a little.. think of it as #waxing in slow motion lol. Once the mask is off, follow by a #toner and your favoutire #moisturizer.

All in all its an easy quick fix to get rid of those much hated #blackheads.

If you're looking at purchasing this product visit :

Lots of love




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