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How to get fuller looking brows

Over-tweezed your #eyebrows again? or your brows just will not grow anymore? Thicker, fuller looking eyebrows are now easily achievable with pencil and powders which work wanders to bridge the gaps in your brows.

Heres how to get fuller looking brows in a few easy steps:



  • Brush your #brows through with a spoolie brush to help guide you on the shape you would like to achieve, as well as to see all the uneven gaps in your #eyebrows.

  • Using short #brush strokes softly fill in any gaps with either a brow pencil or brow powder ( I personally love to use a powder ) with a color that best matches your #eyebrows. Make sure not to apply a lot of product, you should be filling in the sparse areas really lightly in order to achieve a more natural look.

  • If you're using a #BrowPowder be sure to use an angled brush for the best results as it will allow you to define the shape of your brows even more. Try to even out both sides as much as possible.

  • Using the spoolie brush, brush your brows out again to create a more #blended look as well as to soften out any harsh lines.

  • To set your brows and hold the hairs in place brush through them with a brow #SettingGel or you could simply spray a little hair spray directly onto your spoolie brush and give them a little comb through.

  • ( optional ) To make your eyebrows look 'clean and sharp' use a bit of #TranslucentPowder around the perimeter of your brows. Make sure to buff it in well, alternatively you can use a skin color #concealer.

Lots of Love




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