How to get fuller looking brows

Over-tweezed your #eyebrows again? or your brows just will not grow anymore? Thicker, fuller looking eyebrows are now easily achievable with pencil and powders which work wanders to bridge the gaps in your brows. Heres how to get fuller looking brows in a few easy steps: BEFORE AFTER Brush your #brows through with a spoolie brush to help guide you on the shape you would like to achieve, as well as to see all the uneven gaps in your #eyebrows. Using short #brush strokes softly

7 Must Have Brushes

A flat Concealer Brush A good #concealer brush is a definite must for your makeup brush kit. Flat #concealerbrush allow you to blend the product out evenly and perfectly. The slight pointed tip of the brush allows you to be extremely delicate with your application. Whilst not all concealers need to be applied by a brush ( can use your finger ) in my opinion it's a must have. A Powder Brush A nice fluffy face #powder brush allows you to pick up just the right amount of product