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7 Must Have Brushes

  • A flat Concealer Brush

A good #concealer brush is a definite must for your makeup brush kit. Flat #concealerbrush allow you to blend the product out evenly and perfectly. The slight pointed tip of the brush allows you to be extremely delicate with your application. Whilst not all concealers need to be applied by a brush ( can use your finger ) in my opinion it's a must have.

  • A Powder Brush

A nice fluffy face #powder brush allows you to pick up just the right amount of product to set your makeup. A big #powderbrush with very soft bristles and a slight domed shaped on top allows for a perfect light dusting of powder.

  • A Blush Brush

A loosely bristled #blush brush in honestly the difference between looking like Jojo the clown and having perfectly rosy cheeks. The perfect #blushbrush picks up the ideal amount of product and blends like a dream, look out for a brush that is domed, much smaller in size than a powder brush almost the size of the apples of your cheek and bristles must definitely be packed loosely.

  • A small Angled Brush

We've all over plucked our #brows at some point, a small angeled brush is used to just filling in some sparse spots or drawing in an entirely new pair. Look for a #brush that has very firm bristles and a narrow edge. This amazing #angeledbrush doubles up as a brush you can use you to apply #eyeliner to the top of your eyelid using gel or liquid liner.

  • A medium width Eyeshadow Brush

Used to apply #eyeshadow to your lids and brow bone. The reason you need this brush to be a little bigger than a smaller #eyeshadowbrush is that its just easier to brush on a light wash of color to the entire eyelid and building a heavier finish.Look out for a brush thats about a third of the width of your eyelids with a flat edge and denser bristles

  • A tapered Eyeshadow Brush

Blending out your #eyeshadow is a must in my books so having a dedicated blending eyeshadow brush is an #essential. Look out for brushes that are long, thin and quiet flexible with loosely packed bristles and a tapered tip and you'll be blending like a pro.

  • A Stippling Brush

A stippling brush is amazing because of how smoothly it brushes on your foundation. Dotting on your #foundation makes for a smooth, more diffused finish as opposed to rubbing or brushing with a stiff #foundationbrush. Look out for a brush that looks has two-toned bristles: a black base with pointed white bristles at the top. The bristles spread from the handle in a cone shape and come to points at the end.

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