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GlamGlow Super Mud Clearing Treatment

Updated: Feb 8, 2018

2017 is definitely the year of #masking and if you haven't realized that by now, girl you need to get with it!

#GlamGlow as some of you may not know was used exclusively for backstage use in #Hollywood's Entertainment Industry and in the year 2011 was made available for retail, the brand currently distributes to 86 countries!

So I'm pretty sure you've come across this brand at some point on #IG. My current favourite from the brand is their #SuperMud Clearing treatment which promises to give you super clear, #pore-less skin.

#GlamGlow honestly has some seriously stunning packaging however the box and the actual size of the product can be a little deceiving, so watch out for that! (Make sure to read how many g/oz the product contains before purchasing if you're looking for something that's going to last you a long time.)

So I have quite #oily skin especially around my T-zone, as well enlarged pores on my nose and cheek area so any product that claims to shrink those #pores! Has me intrigued.

The #SuperMud mask is fairly thick and has little chunky bits in it. It has a liquorice scent(apparently its meant to smell minty but I definitely smell liquorice.). To apply this #mask I would definitely suggest investing in a good #brush rather than applying with your fingers as you aren't guaranteed an even application.

You only need a thin layer of the #mask which is great considering you want this product to last as long as it possibly can and get the most of your money.

Upon application the masks has a nice cooling effect and dries fairly quickly, which I love coz there's no #downtime involved.

Once the mask has dried you'll notice a few darker spots around areas of your face where the mask has actually worked it's magic by drawing out the excess oil from your pores!

To be entirely #honest with you it doesn't necessarily #shrink your pores as much as I would have wished it to do! (I'm still on the hunt to find a product that actually does or maybe I just have really large pores) however it does leave your #skin feeling much smoother, #radiant and less oily which is great. I especially love to use this mask as a spot treatment when I can feel a pimple coming through!

Overall this is a great product that I would definitely #recommend if you have #oily skin like I do. I'm not so sure if it'd be the best option for more dry skin-types.

You can purchase this product for R850.00 from :

Until next time...

Lots of Love




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