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BeautyBlender Review

Beauty Blender review, aka "my magical pink sponge".

The #BeautyBlender is one of those products you see across all platforms of anything beauty related. If you don't already own a BeautyBlender you're probably wondering whats the big #hype around it, isn't it yet another makeup sponge? The famous bright pink egg-shaped sponge (other colours are available)is much known for the ability to transform the way you apply makeup. The key to its success lies in its soft & plump texture when compared to other makeup sponges on the market.

The #BeautyBlender's egg shaped design is ideal for #blending in both large and small surfaces, unlike other sponges that leave lines and streaks upon application the beauty blender's #coverage looks natural and uniform.

How to use the beautyblender :

Dampen the sponge before you use it. The brand says the beauty blender's "open cell structure" means the sponge has minimum water retention and won't absorb your makeup. I recommend using either a liquid or cream foundation and first applying it onto another surface for the best application. The key is to use a "bouncing" motion to achieve a more natural looking coverage and this is where the beauty blenders light weight texture comes into play.


  • Lightweight sponge allows for natural-looking makeup application.

  • Reduces the amount of time it takes to apply foundation.

  • Easy to clean and re-use


  • None really.

If you've been considering picking one up, it's definitely worth it! Beauty blenders are available from :

Lots of love




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