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A product that slows down your bodies natural hair growth!...

Hello my loves, it's been a while since I've written a blog post. I hope you guys have all been keeping well.

So a month or so ago I received a package from My Cherry Blossom Beauty on #Instagram which contained a product called Hair Free Growth Inhibitor Gel.

The #HairFree Growth Inhibiting gel contains a Growth Sheild Factor that reduce the rate and density of hair growth. It's used for long term reduction of #unwanted hair. It can be used in conjunction with HairFree hair removal cream, as well as after hair removal by shaving, plucking, depilating, waxing or laser treatments.

I've been using this product for approximately a month now. I apply the gel straight after #waxing and twice a day thereafter. Once in the morning before applying any creams and once at night before bed.

I can honestly say I am seeing a difference on how slow my hair is growing back which has got me doing a happy dance because lets admit even after years of waxing the pain is still unbearable. This product helps lessen your hair density, which means less hair growth which definitely equals to less money and time spent on waxing, #shaving etc

HairFree does recommend using this product in-conjunction with their hair removal cream to see even better results however, I've been using this after waxing as hair-removal cream doesn't agree with my skin and I'm extremely pleased with the results I'm seeing. I'm so excited to see the long term results after continuous use.

This product retails for R958.33

Until next time...

Lot's of Love



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