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Stepping out of your comfort zone.

Theres pretty much 3 types of woman out there when it comes to makeup. Those who are totally obsessed with it, the 'barely there' type as I like to call them, ( the woman whom put on the bare minimums, a swoosh of mascara and they're good to go)and those ladies who couldn't give a hoot about it.

If you do wear makeup chances are your look pretty much hasn't evolved through out the years whether it be your day to day look or even when you have to dress up for events, you tend to stick to tried and tested makeup looks.

Its time to get out of that makeup rut and start using those shades you've never dared to dip your brush into, because of that fear of getting it wrong or looking ridiculous.

Some tips to keeping it fresh :

  • Practice at home, play around with your makeup try on those different shades of eyeshadows that you've always wondered about how it would look on you or that red lipstick you've been swooning over.

  • Have a friend come over and make a girls night out of it! Trust me you'll be surprised. You know what they say you're your own worst critic.

  • If you're willing to spend a few extra bucks, book an appointment with a pro makeup artist and have them show you some easy new looks to recreate for the next time you go out.

  • Have you heard of virtual makeover apps? Yup, thats a thing an inexpensive way of trying different shades of makeup on without actually owning them.

  • Most of all have fun with it.

Lots of Love




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