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How to clean your falsies!

If you're a lash lover, you know how expensive they can be .So you might as well get the most out of your money. Toss them or keep them which way to go?

Well ladies, if you keep your #lashes squeaky clean after each use they can take you a looooong way, trust me! So, if you're inlove with a pair of #falsies and don't want to chuck 'em just yet, heres what you'll need:

  • tweezers

  • cotton buds

  • eye makeup remover or rubbing alcohol

  • spoolie brush

If you have #sensitive eyes try using the Clarins Gentle Eye Makeup-Remover.

1. After carefully removing your #lashes, remove all the left over glue on the band with a #tweezer making sure to be super careful.

2. Dip a #cottonbud into rubbing alcohol or your favourite #eyemakeup remover, gently clean away all the mascara left over on the lashes and run the cotton bud over the band as well to get rid of any eye makeup or adhesive left over.

3. Then simply place them into the original packaging they came in, to retain their shape and keeps them clean until the next time you use them. I also like to comb through the lashes with a #spoolie #brush gently just to keep all the little hairs from sticking to one another and thats it!! Easy as A,B,C..

Lots of Love




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