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Finishing Powders

Powder is an essential step in anyone’s makeup routine—not only does it stop you from looking and feeling #oily and blotchy, it also seals your makeup and provides a smooth surface on which to apply products such as #blush, #bronzer, #highlighter and #eyeshadow.

Whislt the right product can make your skin look as smooth and perfect as porcelain, the wrong one can make you look cakey and not so attractive.

Here’s everything you need to know about finishing powders, as well as my favorite picks.

Firstly there's a bunch of different terms used from brand to brand such as "#FinishingPowder" "#SettingPowder" and "#HDpowder" which can be confusing ofcourse! So here's a little intro into each term.

  • Setting Powders

Thease are the #powders that go directly on top of your #foundation. They are usually #tinted or #translucent and are used to set and #mattify your makeup.The downside with these is that they tend to be a little heavier, therefore not as natural looking on skin.

  • Finishing Powders

Are supposed to go on top of your setting powder to #smooth and blur skin out even more. #FinishingPowders are white in colour and become #translucent on your skin once applied. I wouldnt advice the use of a finishing powder for your everyday look, its more widely used in situations where you going to be photographed. The downside with using a Finishing powder is the "#flashback", which is caused by the light from a flash bouncing off certain mineral #ingredients within the powder if you havent blended your powder in really well. Im sure you've all seen the images of Angelina Jolie with white blotchy marks all over her face.

  • HD Powders

Are simply just finishing #powders with a fancier name. Sometimes they're also given the name "#retouchingpowders".

Which ever one of these powders you use really depends on the type of finish youre trying to achieve. A #SettingPowder is best used for #everyday applications, where as a finishing powder can be used if you're wanting an additional #blur effect.

My Favourite's :

  1. #MAC Blot Powder

  2. #BobbiBrown Sheer Finish Loose Powder

  3. #MakeUpForever HD Microfinish Powder

  4. #Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Lots of Love




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