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Skin Republic’s YouthFoil mask review

If you’re new to my blog you should know one thing about me. I have a slight masking addiction. Everything from sheet masks, clay masks, jelly masks, the list goes on. I’m addicted, no shame. SkinRepublic was the brand that had me discover sheet masks and needless to say I’ve been hooked.

Youthfoil is the newest mask on my desk that I had the opportunity to put on trial.

Firstly I absolutely love the idea of sheet masks coming in two pieces - top piece that covers the forehead, nose and eyes and the bottom piece that covers the jaw, mouth and cheeks. Since I have a tiny face I usually always struggle with the placement of sheet masks, their usually slipping and sliding off my face but YouthFoil being two separate pieces allows the perfect placement which makes it super comfortable.

What makes this mask different from the typical sheet mask is that it has an outer foil layer that locks in moisture and allows the product to really sink into the skin without drying out.

Youthfoil really does live up to its claim with a double dose of Hyaluronic Acid, my skin had never felt so supple, soft and hydrated after using a product for just 20min. So not only did my face feel like a baby’s bum but it looked luminous and lifted thanks to the age defying serum that contains ingredients such as collagen, elastin, as well as vitamins C and E.

Next time you find yourself in

Dis-Chem/Clicks/Superbalist/Edgars be sure to put this baby in your shopping cart, your skin will thank you later.

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