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Simple, Easy Glam!

Updated: Nov 27, 2017

Hey Beautiful!

So a few of you gorgeous souls requested for me to do a glam look that could be easily replicated and here it is.

My step by step guide on how to achieve this look :

1.Foundation : My go-to #foundation has to be from #Mac Cosmetics either the #FaceandBody foundation or the #StudioSculpt foundation. For this specific look I chose the Face and Body in C4 which is a #liquidfoundation. This foundation is super #lightweight and a quite sheer, however if you want more #coverage you simple build it up until you've achieved the desired effect.

2.Contour : Now the reason I've listed #contour as step 2 is because for this look I used a #creamcontour which has to be applied straight after the #foundation. I used L.A Girl Cosmetics in beautiful #bronze for the #contour shade on my cheeks as well as around my forehead and jawline (I'm not such a huge fan of contouring my nose ). The #highlight shade Yellow Corrector was applied in a little triangular shape just under my eyes, as well as the center of my forehead, a little on my chin and just under the contour shade on my cheeks. Remember guys its always easier to apply and buff these products out separately if you're not a pro at #contouring.

3.Setting Powder : Always, always set your #foundation/#Contour ladies! I couldn't stress about this point more. For this look I used the #StudioFix powder from #Mac Cosmetics in NC40. With a big fluffy brush just swipe a little powder over your face to set it for the day. If you're on a budget and can't afford to go out and buy setting powders then #BabyPowder works just as well, although be sure to buff it out correctly so you not left looking like a ghost. I like to swipe a little baby powder under my eyes where I applied the cream #contour as well under my cheek bones for a more chiseled out look.

4. Bronzer and blush : #Bronzer/#Contour to set my contour shade i used #TooFaced Cosmetics in Sunny Bunny just around my cheek bones and forehead as well as my jawline. Remember ladies a little goes a long way. Blush was also from #TooFaced cosmetics called Love Hangover, this is my absolute favorite #blush tone for Indian skin tones ( it's a peachy color ). I applied this on my apple of my cheeks with a little swoop towards my temples.

5.Eyes : To create this look I used the #HudaBeautyRoseGoldPalette in the shade Trust Fund on the entire lid. These shadows are super creamy and pigmented, for the best application you must use your finger, you simply won't achieve the same with a brush. I then used the shade Sandalwood from the same #palette to lightly blend out the outer corners. Finished up this look with a little Bar in the inner corners. To achieve more of a #blended/smoked out look I like to go in with the same shades on my lower #lash liner as well.

6.Eyebrows : Honestly this is a must for me. #Eyebrows just frame your eyes and pull together the whole look. I used the darkest shade from #SwiitchBeauty's Browgame in a box to fill in my brows and finished off with the lightest shade just underneath my brows to make them appear nice and sharp. I like to finish off my brows with a setting #gel to keep the strays in place. For this i used #BenefitCosmetics called Gimme Brows

7.Falsies : #Lashes honestly take you from a 0 to a 10, instantly giving you a super #glam look. I chose #HudaBeauty lashes in Samantha for this look. A little tip before applying lashes. Always curl your #lashes first so the #falsies can sit nice and snug with your natural lashes, apply a coat of #mascara (I used my all time favorite mascara from #Smashbox Cosmetics called Full Exposure) and then apply your falsies. Remember to always measure them out and make any adjustments in length before you go ahead and apply them. To make the process easier wait a few seconds after you've applied the glue to the strip before applying them to your eye this will make them stick easier.

8.Eyeliner : Paint Pots are my all time favorite formulas for #eyeliner. For this look I kept it simple and lined only the top of my eyes with #Mac Cosmetics Black Track #gel liner.

9.Highlight/Strobing : "That Glow Though" I'm sure you've liked every picture popping up on your feed with those insanely blinding #highlights. For this look I used #Smashbox Cosmetics L.A Lights in Hollywood and Highlight.This is a cream highlight which can be topped up with a powder highlight to achieve a super blinding affect.

10.Lipstick : I blended two shades from #Mac to create this vibrant shade. I used Toxic Tale with a little Ruby Woo (my Fav!!). To make sure your lipstick stays put all day and doesn't bleed out always, always line your lips before hand. So thats it ladies, I know it sounds like a lot but trust me it ain't!I hope you have fun trying to replicate this look. Until next time...

Lots of love




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