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Pil'aten vs Clicks Blackhead Removers

Hey all, so as requested I'm doing a side by side comparison of the #Pilaten Black suction mask vs the #Clicks skin perfecting #charcoal nose strips.

Pil'aten Black Suction Mask :

As you know I did a #review of the Pil'aten mask a couple of months ago, and I found the product to work quiet well. Definitely something that became part of my #skincare regime. However since i don't really suffer from #blackheads in areas other than my nose the whole application process is quite long and daunting at times. You have to get the application of the liquid #mask just right in order for it to peel correctly, plus it's a bit timing consuming waiting for it to dry.

Clicks skin essentials perfecting nose pore strips in charcoal :

So i've been trying these #nosestrips for a couple of weeks now, and I cannot rave about them enough!! No mess, no brushes involved, super easy to apply with no down time whatsoever. You simply wet your nose, peel of the nose strip from its packaging and apply. The whole process is so much #easier, the strips itself have a paper back which helps you grip the strip whilst #peeling opposed to the Pil'aten Mask which sometimes is a hit or miss because the product doesn't necessarily dry consistently.

All in all they are both great products however i personally feel the nose strips from Clicks win hands down for me, as they quick and easy and do what they say they meant to do without consuming a lot of my time plus they are much cheaper. However if you do suffer from black heads other than on your nose the Pil'aten mask would be a better purchase.

Pil'aten Black Suction Mask : R480.00 from Mystique Beauty

#Clicks Perfecting Nose strip in #Charcoal : R39.95 from Clicks

Lots of love




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