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Mii Cosmetics Review

Hello my loves,

It's been a while since I did a full review on a product/brand and this post has definitely been long overdue. A while back I received a package from Mii Cosmetics to review and I must say their packaging is so beautifully detailed.

Here are some of the products I received :

How Gorg!

So first up to review we have the Mii Cosmetics Designer Brow Duo

Let's just take a moment for this packaging though. This was definitely the product that caught my eye from the get-go.

The designer brow duo contains an Artistic Brow Creator which is a highly pigmented gel like formula. As well as Brow Master Brush which is a double ended brush, one side being a spoolie wand/grooming wand and the other being an angled brush for precise application.

This duo definitely impressed me. I was given the shade Masterfully Dark in The Artistic Brow Creator. The formula itself is spot on! So easy to use, dries beautifully and doesn't move throughout the day. The only thing that I would point out is this shade is a tad bit too dark for my liking as I like to slowly build up on my brows which makes this colour a bit too extreme for me, as you end up with super dark brows that don't look natural. I would definitely suggest using a light hand when applying this product as a little goes a long way. As for the brush no complaints there, the angled tip is firm and great for sculpting the perfect arch.

Retails for R715.00

Mii Cosmetics Conceal & Contour Duo

I was quite excited to use this product after the Artistic Brow Duo had lived up to its claims. Unfortunately this product is a definite miss for me. The concealer end definitely lets this product down. The formula just streaks upon application, which is quite disappointing as the highlighter end is smooth and creamy. Perhaps if they relaunched the product with a better formula for the concealer I would give it another go but for the time being I would say the Conceal and Contour Duo is a miss for me.

Retails for : R375.00

Mii Cosmetics Alluring Lip Liner

A twist up lip liner in the shade Legacy 09 which is a beautiful burgundy colour made from vitamins C and E and a blend of candellila, carnauba and beeswax. I really like this product, it's smooth and creamy and glides on effortlessly the only downplay is because it's a twist applicator you don't usually get as much product opposed to a traditional lip pencil but overall I really enjoyed it.

Retails for R278.00

Mii Cosmetics Power Matte Lip Creme

This packaging is so cool. I love how they made this Lip Creme appear to be a traditional windup lipstick.

I was given the shade Supreme 04 to match the lipliner. I love the subtle smell of the lip creme as well as the shade however I do find when working with highly pigmented darker shaded lipsticks in matte formula's sometimes the product tends to settle into fine line if not applied properly and can tend to be a little streaky because matte lip creme's tend to dry out faster. Re-application isn't the best with this shade, I would definitely suggest using a brush and working off the back of your hand opposed to directly applying this colour with the wand to your lips if you want an even finish. The stay on this lip-creme is quite impressive. It definitely is long lasting and doesn't dry out your lips as much as I thought it would, which is always a plus when looking for a matte lipstick.

Retails for : R330.00

Mii Cosmetics Powder Perfection Finishing brush.

A girl can never have enough brushes right? All Mii Cosmetic brushes are carefully finished by hand and made with natural or synthetic fibres that claim to deliver the perfect finish. To be very honest there's just something about this brush's fibres that I don't like. The brush definitely does what it's meant to do however I wouldn't put it in the category of " my top brushes " especially considering the price point. This brush retails for R589.00, which is pretty steep if you ask me. It's kinda in the same price category as higher end brands, so i'm not sure If I would personally head out to buy this brush anytime soon.

All products can be purchased from Poise Brands

* All Products were given to me for reviewing and all opinions are my own. Thank you so much to Mii Cosmetics for allowing me to try their amazing products. Please check out their Instagram page and give them a follow.

Until next time...

Lot's of Love




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