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Makeup Trials & what you need to know.

Feeling a little overwhelmed about your makeup style for your big day?

Working with a professional is one of the best ways to ensure a #flawless look. Its great to bring in pictures and styles you've been swooning over for months for the day you say I DO! But its essential to work with you #MakeupArtist and to have realistic expectations of what those desired looks would look like on you.

There have been so many instances during a trial where a bride simply cant narrow down her list of styles to exactly what she would like. For instance saying you want a full on #naturallook,but then reverting back to a #smokeyeye and red lips..and the list goes on.

Try to narrow it down to have a clearer vision. If you try to incorporate to many ideas into one, you'll be left looking like a #hotmess!

Ideally your makeup should be a collaboration between yourself and your makeup artist. A lot of the times my brides who don't usually wear a lot of makeup can be overwhelmed because they aren't used to seeing themselves with a full face of makeup. The good news is that your makeup artist is a pro for a reason and can totally help you figure out your vision.If you're super flustered and can't makeup your mind as to which makeup style you want for your #bigday, have your #MUA try on two of your best styles and see which one you lean towards more!

Hope this helps..

Lots of Love




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