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KiKi Beauty's Makeup Ready Range

Hey Beautiful!

So I recently came across this new #SouthAfrican brand called #KiKi whilst scrolling through my #instagram feed and couldn't help but check them out.

KiKi beauty is a luxury skin care brand, whom currently have 3 ranges :

1. Makeup-up Ready Range

2. Skincare Range

3. Bodycare Range

They are a new 'innovative skincare brand born with the passion of creating exclusive, high quality skincare and cosmetic products.'

What excites me about this brand is that they are not only locally produced and well thought out but are #crueltyfree, #paraben free, sulphate free, #petroleum free and mineral oil free! 'Their aim is to take you on a complete sensory journey, which hopefully will rival any exclusive #international brand in terms of packaging, product range and ingredients.'

#KiKiBeauty was kind enough to send me a few of their amazing products to review from their Makeup Ready range and I couldn't have been more excited.

1. Natural Radiance Moisturizer

So we all know #moisturizing is an essential part of achieving healthier looking #skin as well as a great base to the perfect makeup application. This cream is super light weight with a #soft, #silky feeling that definitely lives up to its name. At times we come across #moisturizers that aren't really that great to apply as a base under your