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Daniel Wellington - Free Strap Campaign + an exclusive 15% discount

When Daniel Wellington sent me this timeless classic, I was beyond smitten and impressed with the quality and look of the watch.

They say the beauty of you is how you wear who you are and this watch definitely translates that.

I chose the Classic Petite Melrose which is beautiful rose gold watch with an eggshell white dial and mesh strap + an additional St. Mawes leather strap.

What's great is all DW watches have interchangeable straps which means you may dress up or down the watch whatever the occasion to compliment every outfit, from casual chic to dressed up elegance.

Daniel Wellington are currently running an amazing campaign until the 10th of April.

With a purchase of any watch you'll receive a free strap of your choice + an additional 15% off when you use my code 'RANCHOD' - Free shipping included.

Check out their beautiful collection and be sure to tag me in your pictures, I would love to see what combinations you've paired.

Until next time..

Lot's of Love




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