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24K Energy Beauty Bar Review!

A top beauty tool in the #Asian markets. This a nutshell is a facial #massager, so this bar basically pulsates and sends 6000 micro vibrations a minute into your #skin which helps #stimulates your facial muscles. This beauty bar claims to help with skin #tightening, #contouring and lifting effects.

How to use it: massage your skin in an upwards motion by holding the bar at a 45 degree angle (never massage your skin downwards as this will have a complete opposite affect to what were trying to achieve by using this tool). I like to use this tool after i've applied my serums/moisturizer as it makes the whole massage a little more smoother and the bar glides along your skin much easier.

If you're using this tool for its anti-aging benefits you could incorporate your face firming lotions or creams for optimal results.

If you suffer from water retention this is a great tool as it minimizes the puffiness and if you simply want to get your blood circulation going then it definitely does the job! A, do it yourself facial massage all in the comfort of your own home. Like all products you have to be prepared to commit to using the tools/products religiously to see the results.

I've only been testing this bar out for a couple of weeks now but it makes my skin feel great after use, looking forward to seeing what the results are after a couple of months.

If you would like to purchase this tool, visit

Lots of love




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