DIY Rose Water Toner

Hey Beautiful, so I'm always on the look out for #DIY, #homemade natural #beauty products and one of my absolute favorites has to be Rose water. I've been using #RoseWater for a couple of years now as a #toner and I cannot rave about it enough!I mean who wouldn't wanna smell like a fresh rose field every now and again? (I like to switch up between the Rose water and The Body Shops Tea Tree toner dependent on how my skin feels) After a little research turns out there are many

My Skincare Regime.

Hey beautiful, so since i've been receiving a lot of messages about what my personal #skincare regime is like. I'd thought I would make a post about it. My #skincare regime has always involved products from #TheBodyShop. We all went through that rough phase of those pesky little #pimples and raging #hormones and it truly was a life saver when i discovered their #TeaTree range when i was a teenager. Ever since i've been a huge fan of all of their products. My skin regime invol

Pil'aten BlackHead Removing Mask Review

Hey ladies, I'm sure these #blackhead removing masks are popping up all over your #Instagram feeds. Well long story short, my husband actually got me to purchase this product. As many of you ladies know, men aren't into the whole "facial cleansing, #toning, #moisturizing thing". So when he told me he saw a video on #Instagram of these masks that claim to remove #blackheads we decided to give it a shot.. This #mask basically works in the same way as a #PoreStrip would. I would