Skin Republic's Oxygen Cleanse Face Masks

I must say i've been wanting to try out this #mask since I saw its debut on #instagram. As you've all probably noticed " masks " are the "in thing" to do in 2017 , an essential part of your #beauty routine. Almost every single major beauty brand is launching its own line of masks every few months. I finally got my hands on #SkinRepublics Bubble Purifying + #Charcoal Face Sheet Mask from #Clicks a couple of days ago and couldn't wait to try it out. This mask claims to : Clean

My Skincare Regime.

Hey beautiful, so since i've been receiving a lot of messages about what my personal #skincare regime is like. I'd thought I would make a post about it. My #skincare regime has always involved products from #TheBodyShop. We all went through that rough phase of those pesky little #pimples and raging #hormones and it truly was a life saver when i discovered their #TeaTree range when i was a teenager. Ever since i've been a huge fan of all of their products. My skin regime invol

Swiitch Beauty Sphere Brushes

#Brushes are definitely the one thing worth splurging on. I've dusted and #blended with just about every brush out there. So needless to say when these new "hairbrush" looking brushes hit the market I had to get my hands on them. These new makeup brushes on the block known by many names such as #Artis/#Oval/#Sphere are the latest #beautytrend. This 10 piece #sphere brush set by #SwiitchBeauty is made from their #crueltyfree exclusive fibre, covering everything from #concealer